Romanian Standards Association (ASRO)


Romanian Standards Association (ASRO), is a private body of public interest, which represents the organizational frame for the Romanian standardization activity (recognized by the Romanian government and notified to the European Commission). ASRO represents Romania in the international standardization process by coordinating the national activity and by organizing the exchange of information on standards. Therefore, ASRO plays a key role in the economic development and in the increase of the performance of Romanian companies on the national, European and international market.
ASRO is a full member of CEN and CENELEC, as well as member of ETSI. Likewise, ASRO is a member of ISO (1950) and IEC (1920).
With approx. 160 national technical committees ASRO coordinates national standardisation activities and facilitates participation of Romanian stakeholders in international and European standardisation organisations.
Covering both electro-technical and non-electro-technical areas, ASRO is the recognised organisation for managing formal standardisation activities in Romania, assuring public information in the field of standards and standardisation.
Main business activities are as follows:
• To establish the principles and methodologies of the national standardization, according to European standardization,
• To develop and approve the national standards and to participate on the activities of the European and international standardization.
• Management of the documentary fund of standards and publications in the field of national, European and international standardization.
• To provide services and products to standards users with a view to meet their requirements.
• To promote the respect of the copyright on the adopted European standards.